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The exhibition is an exciting journey in the life and works of The Genius through dynamic narrative and digital magic. An innovative way of EDUTAINMENT – education + entertainment – involves and amuses the visitor.

Chose the appropriate MODULE to compose the perfect event for your location.
In this room a timeline with the dates of the most important events in the life of Leonardo da Vinci are displayed. Here his most important works are mentioned and where they were produced. Responsive image
The gallery displays the paintings of the great artist. These are printed on fabric and are backlit, thus highlighting the details of each work. Responsive image
From the room with the paintings you’ll get to the hologram of Leonardo who talks to the visitors about his life and his works. The hologram is particularly appreciated by the younger crowd, that remain like hypnotized by the figure of the great master communicating directly to them. Responsive image
In the flight room, also called the mirrors room, are projected inventions and drawings of the flying machines conceived by Leonardo. Responsive image
In this room, wooden reproductions of Leonardo's inventions are exhibited. Responsive image
Through his drawings, Leonardo Da Vinci produces the experimentation of forms and solutions that add up to the areas in which he engaged in his artistic life. The copies here reproduced are sensationally identical to the originals, not only in content, but also in flavor, history, soul. Responsive image
In the room dedicated to The Last Supper, perhaps the most important fresco in the world, the work is projected at full size, also showing the original drawings made as a preliminary study of the fresco. Responsive image
The interactive room includes a book with drawings from the Atlantic Code which, if viewed through the application of the exhibition on your phone, come to life in three-dimensional form. In this room there is also a virtual experience - VR - through which the visitor enters directly into Leonardo's study, and then fly over the Tuscan countryside with wings designed by the master. Responsive image
The event continues with the room dedicated to the photographs from the oldest photographic archive in the world, that of the Alinari Brothers. Here are exhibited photographs that describe two important moments of Leonardo's work. The first refers to the theft of the century, or the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum by Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian worker at the French museum. The second describes, through original images, the destruction by the German bombers of the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, where Leonardo frescoed the Last Supper. Responsive image
360-degree images are projected in this room, with enveloping effects that immerse the visitor in Leonardo's life and works. Responsive image
At the exit of the exhibition a bookshop is set up in which gadgets and books, on the life and work of Leonardo, are displayed and sold. Responsive image
Unique reproductions made by Apocrifa Da Vinci with special techniques and refined over many years. A precious and meticulous manual processing that does not leave out any detail, touch, color, antiquation, reproducing, on every single sheet, everything from the stains of time to the magic originally reported. Responsive image
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