Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano


Imagine an extraordinary and suggestive scenario where sounds, lights and colors combines perfectly to give the visitor emotions and sensations that will remain in his heart and mind.
Imagine a revolutionizing and futuristic exhibition, unique and original.


The Leonardo Da Vinci 3D exhibition will take place in an exceptional space, one of the most famous and successful venues in the Milan area: the Fabbrica del Vapore. Of great importance in the context of events and exhibitions, the area of Leonardo Da Vinci 3D will be the Cattedrale, located in the central part of the entire complex of buildings dedicated to exhibitions.
It is a space of over 1500 square meters, of which around 1200 will be used, divided into areas for the performance of different activities and experiences linked by a single fil rouge: multisensoriality. From the very first part about the history of Leonardo Da Vinci, to the projection of his hologram, from the didactic area to the dedicated book shop, the whole exhibition is carefully designed to offer an interactive, educational and exciting immersive experience.

Fabbrica del Vapore