Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano


Leonardo da Vinci 3D is an exhibition that challenges the laws of physics, it is an immersive experience that catapults the visitor into the complex and innovative world of the genius of the Renaissance. The path, carefully studied and structured down to the smallest details with hi-tech solutions, very high resolution images, holograms and music, presents itself as a virtual story without boundaries.


From the entrance with the ticket office, the visitor will enter a first "educational" room, where there will be shown the historical pictures of Leonardo and his works. Here there will be shown a timeline describing the stages of Leonardo's life, as well as a series of models of the machines he designed and created, reproduced according to the dictates of the Da Vinci codes. Then we will move onto the gallery with the artist's paintings, and to the room with Leonardo's hologram that speaks directly to visitors. From here you will enter the hall of mirrors dedicated to flying and to the study of flying machines, and then you will enter the immersive room: this will be the main show of the exhibition, in which lights, images and music will involve visitors for about half an hour.
After this show, you will enter a room dedicated to the period that Leonardo spent in Milan and to the works he left in this city. Finally, before reaching the bookshop and the exit of the exhibition, there will be a space dedicated to virtual, interactive and educational experiences.


Leonardo Da Vinci 3D is particularly suitable for families, and this is why in the exhibition there will also be a room dedicated to activities for children, open on reservation and with regulated access, where they can relive the artistic and “engineering” moments of the great author. The innovation of the exhibition also lies in the fact that visitors will be able to follow a virtual path through their Android tool (smartphone or tablet), where they will see short educational videos, learn information about the works, observe models and paintings in augmented reality, participate to games and entertainment on the app, including creative selfies, quizzes, and more.