Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano


In the exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci 3D, art, games and story telling merge and give life to funny and educational activities, allowing visitors to gradually discover the multitalented artistic genius.

Artebambini organise workshops during which families will have the opportunity to discover an exceptional reality, a past world that reflects on the present thanks to its strong innovation.

Lots of original proposal are waiting for you! Do not miss them!

Workshops taking place Monday to Friday are only available upon reservation for groups of max. 25 children. They can be booked up to 4 days before the chosen date and wider programmes are available on request.

Each workshop costs € 90 and lasts minimum 1 hour.


On Saturdays and Sundays, workshops will be open and operative from the morning to the afternoon for adult chaperons and for children, up to max. 25 people. Tickets cost € 6 for children and € 8 for adults. Workshops last 1 hour.


Leonardo’s Elevator: From the original system of levers and tie-rods invented by Leonardo to lift materials up to the top of towers to a scientific toy challenging gravity! Age: children 5-10

Bodies in the Circle: Dear Leonardo, my fellows and I have entered the geometrical figure without “prima donna behaviour” nor uniforms, as you told us, only wearing our skin. LOL! How many differences! However, we have always remained inside the circle. Age: children 5-10

Fantasy Bestiaries: In the illustrations contained in the “Bestiario” Leonardo offers us several useful ideas to invent a special zoo full of unknown beasts. We will have fun creating new animals using collage! Age: children 5-10

Animatti: From Leonardo’s drawings to real 3D animals! We will create real or fantasy animals using metal wire and scrap material. Here are our genetically modified animals, something between art and science, reality and imagination. Age: children 5-10

The Catapult: Understanding laws of physics in a creative and fun way! By designing and building Leonardo’s machines, we will learn mechanical engineering principles which will allow us to turn simple scrap wood into catapults. Age: children 5-10

Leonardo’s Bridge: Where would you like to cross a bridge? Over an impetuous river? Over a dry canyon? Over a lava river? No problems! Thanks to Leonardo’s self-supporting bridge, everything’s possible... Age: children 5-10

Bodies in the circle - kids: A funny workshop directed at children aged 2 to 5 ... a bodily experience mixed with games and art.. Are you ready to jump into the circle, too? Age: children 2-5


Edizione Artebambini, with over 30 years experience in training and education, promotes and organises training courses, seminars, meetings and art exhibitions, masters and international conferences directed at non-expert adults from both the world of art and the academic world. Their teachers and operators are present in a number of schools of different types and levels, museums and libraries with clear educational tools developed for children and young adults. Artebambini has been recognized by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education and Research.

Edizione Artebambini is also a publishing company which offers children and young adults illustrated books to help them discover the world of art in a clear and informal way.