Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano


If you think of a space with a milanese personality and a strong international flavor at the same time, then the Fabbrica Del Vapore is certainly one of the fist that comes to mind.
It was created to promote aggregation, entertainment, culture, contamination of reality, stories and experiences. Meeting place for the Milanese and not, with large open spaces, bars and restaurants that naturally facilitate the meeting of people, the Fabbrica  is unique, and in recent years has hosted exhibitions and events of great appeal and success.


It is no mystery that the experimentation of new forms of production in the field of performing, visual, audiovisual multimedia arts is one of the main concepts of Fabbrica's avant-garde cultural proposal, which represents a real aggregative space where you can go any moment, to create, learn and share. Also for this reason, the Fabbrica will be the scene of the Leonardo Da Vinci 3D exhibition, that will welcome all innovation, technology, art and culture lovers.


Once an industrial area, the Fabbrica del Vapore was renovated, restored and used for the new purpose of multi-functional location.