Fabbrica del Vapore. Milano


Use your imagination. Take your picture. Share it!
The online contest dedicated to the Leonardo da Vinci 3D exhibition is opened to all visitors who want to share their experience on social media.

How to participate? Visit the exhibition and take a picture, share it on your Facebook profile with the hashtag #leonardodavinci3d #vincivincierivincileonardodavinci. Many prizes are waiting for you!

Every two weeks, for the entire duration of the competition, from May 30th to September 22nd (June 15th and 30th, July 15th and 30th, August 15th and 30th, September 10th and 22nd), the picture that received the highest number of likes will be awarded with an official printed monograph of Leonardo Da Vinci 3D in augmented reality, to be taken at the exhibition desk or to be received directly at home, and will be quoted on the social pages of the exhibition.
At the end of the exhibition, that of the eight winners who received the highest number of likes (on the same picture) will win a weekend in Tuscany, which will include a dedicated tourist guide (for half a day) to illustrate Leonardo's Florence.

In case of a like parity, the picture with the most shares will win. In case of equal likes and shares, the user who has been a member of the social network for the longest time will win. In case of further parity, the older user will win.

For more information write to info@leonardodavinci3d.it.